Aminah Robinson


WBNS Channel 10 TV’s Jerry Revish interviews Aminah Robinson at Hammond Harkins Galleries
Columbus Artist Explains How Poindexter Village Influenced Her

Aminah Robinson inducted into the
City of Columbus Hall of Fame


Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson is one of the most prolific artists living today. Her diverse body of work ranges from drawings and woodcuts to complex sculptures made from natural and synthetic materials, such as twigs, carved leather, music boxes, and “hogmawg,” her own material composed of mud, grease, dyes, and glue. Born in 1940, Robinson was raised in Columbus, Ohio, within the close-knit community of Poindexter Village, one of the country’s first federally funded metropolitan housing developments. Robinson received her formal art training at the Columbus Art School (now the Columbus College of Art and Design). She continues to live and work in Columbus.

In 2004, Robinson became a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellows grant. Her work has been presented at a number of museums and galleries, including the Columbus Museum of Art, Akron Art Museum, the Oakland Museum; the Baltimore Museum of Art; and the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Photos of Aminah celebrating Columbus’ Bicentennial, where she was the honored recipient of the Lucas Sullivant award!


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