Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers

Artist Statement

Within my artistic practice, I explore the space between two- dimensionality and three- dimensionality, hybridizing painting, printmaking, sculpture and textiles.  I am engaged in the physical and material processes of constructing pieces and my work is driven by contrasts in materiality, form and scale.  My current mode of making involves explorations in collage and the accumulation of layers, utilizing accessible materials, such as paper, fabric and wood.  Through simple materials, I build pieces that transcend their materiality and take on new meanings.  By layering and collaging two- dimensional materials, I build dimensionality and form, while referencing compositional techniques of painting and printmaking.  There is a push and pull embedded in the abstracted forms, experimenting with both additive and subtractive processes. Color is a crucial component to my work, looking to fabric as one might look to tubes of paint, layering acrid colored materials together in close proximity, to assemble pieces that draw the eye into moments of concentrated, intensified color.

An undercurrent in my constructions is the relationship between objects and the architectural space, typically a gallery space with white walls and neutral floor space.  I imagine my pieces as interventions to the space, pulling the viewer’s eye to eruptions of color on the wall, floor and the moments in between.  At times, my sculptural works convey a feeling of a physical painting in dimensional space, as if the viewer is immersed within the boundaries of the flat picture plane.

In my ongoing textile works, I create machine sewn fabric collages from a wide range of fabrics, exploring and manipulating ideas of quilting, applique and tactile formations, patch worked and growing across the surfaces of walls. Through repetition of machine sewing and lines of fabric, the soft geometry that arises presents an interplay between painting and textile arts while also growing into undulating, dimensional forms.

Curriculum Vitae