Sarah Fairchild


Sarah Fairchild




Artist Statement

As a painter, I am a worker. A gardener has to be ever-present and attentive to have a yield: A painter has to show up and paint. Building a studio practice creates a relationship that at times can be slow and monotonous; yet at other moments exhilarating, tempting and addictive.

My process begins with tromping through small community gardens and local organic farms, hunting for specimens. This process relates directly to my love for farm to table ingredients. I have relationships with the places I photograph and the farmers who grow the food.

 Moving between workmanship and intuition keeps my process alive and evolving.  I connect vegetables (cabbage, corn, and brussels sprouts) with feminine themes like beauty and sensuality. I am deeply connected to vegetables through my concern for more sustainable food sources, while at the same time they provide an excuse to play with form, color and shape.

Ultimately, these subjects always lead back to the process of painting. I want to express reality as well as defy it. I transform these common, humble, neglected forms through the use of hot color, magnified scale, extremes of surface and light. The elements of painting that interest me are the dialogues between design and painting, reality and fantasy, depth and flatness, as well as between foreground and background; positive and negative spaces.

I paint on paper because, unlike canvas, it is fragile, sensitive, and requires special care. Still, the large scale of my painting proves the underlying strength of the material. I hope the flocking creates the desire to touch the surface before the viewer. I want viewers to be drawn into and enveloped by my works. I feel the element of flocking reflects this primal urge to touch and be touched.

I love using media that can be perceived as “garish” and employing them in fantastic, beautiful, and sensual ways. I enjoy how the metallic, iridescent background become the focal point at dusk and dawn, while the fluorescent pinks dominate the daytime hours. I let these “electric” plants hover against swirling and metallic background that contrast the pedestrian subject matter: vegetables

Artist Bio

 Born in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1972, Sarah Fairchild lives in Columbus, Ohio where she is a painter and arts educator. She received her teaching certification in art education from the Ohio Dominican University in 1998. She graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1994, earning her bachelor of fine arts degree. She has served 10 years on the Ohio Art League’s Board of Trustees, two as board president. She has also taught as a Continuing Education Professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Sarah’s work can be found in several private and public collections, including the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries. Most recently her work was selected for publication in New American Paintings, Studio Visit Magazine and Manifest Gallery’s First International Painting Annual, Volume 1.

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