Hammond Harkins Galleries

I dream in color - new works by Alteronce Gumby and Stephanie Luening

Opening Reception: Friday, March 3, 2017  –  5 – 8 pm

This exhibition features two very different artists who share an interest in color.  Yale University graduate Alteronce Gumby, currently as resident at the Fondation des États-Unis à Paris, creates tonal paintings using color as a metaphor for identity politics, empathy and self-liberation. Dresden-based Stephanie Luening, a graduate of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, creates installations that involve the transformation of liquid color. The products of time, chance and atmospheric conditions, Luening’s paintings materialize slowly into colorful primordial swirls.  Whether through paint or melting ice, both artists examine the most basic phenomenon and celebration of rainbow effects.  Both artists will be present at the opening.